Cryptocurrency analysis for justice

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What is

Wallet-Inspector is a cryptocurrencies analysis software for authorities,
tax consultants, lawyers and private individuals.

For a quick overview of wallet holdings and transactions,
including tax analysis.

From investigators,
for investigators

Wallet-Inspector was created by law enforcement officers.
It helps to understand and track payment flows in the cryptocurrency sector.

Follow the money


✅ Quick and detailed overview of cryptocurrency wallets

✅ BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, BCH & DASH blockchains are supported

✅ OSINT analysis interfaces to Arkham Intelligence, Wallet-Explorer or
     Blockchair for tracing functions and the determination of entities

✅ Transactions with current and historical crypto prices

✅ Date of first and last wallet activity

✅ Perform detailed transaction analyses

✅ Daily price queries possible for every blockchain

✅ Export to CSV for all researched information


✅ Live import of wallet transactions from the blockchain

✅ Classification of transactions as relevant and not relevant for tax purposes

✅ Automatic setting of crypto prices at the time of the transaction

✅ OSINT interfaces to Arkham Intelligence, Wallet-Explorer or Etherscan

✅ Interface for importing crypto exchange lists

✅ Determine taxable gains & losses from crypto wallets

✅ FIFO / LIFO methode for tax calculations

✅ Export results to CSV files

👋 Hey!

I´m Sascha Luedtke,
Managing Director at Decrypta Technologies Germany

✋ Hey!

I´m Robert Skibbe,
Software developer and the creative brain at Decrypta Technologies Germany

The team also consists of

✔️ Law enforcement officers

✔️ Crypto finance experts

who help us with practical
suggestions for improvement

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