Crypto analysis software for authorities, tax consultants, lawyers and private individuals. For a quick overview of wallet holdings and transactions, including taxable profits.

Wallet-Inspector - Fingerprint - Decrypta Technologies

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Get a quick overview of the core functions of Wallet-Inspector here.

Wallet-Inspector - Wallet Overview - Decrypta Technologies

Wallet Overview

Get an overview of cryptocurrency wallets. Stocks, first and last actions, as well as current and historical crypto prices – and more.

Wallet-Inspector Transaktionsanalse - Decrypta-Technologies

Transaction Analysis

Perform detailed transaction analyses with the help of our OSINT interfaces to platforms such as: Arkham Intelligence, Wallet-Explorer, Etherscan and Co.

Wallet-Inspector - Tax Evaluation - Decrypta Technologies

Tax Evaluation

Determine taxable gains & losses from crypto wallets using the FIFO / LIFO method. Export the results in common formats such as Microsoft Excel, CSV, etc.

From investigators, for investigators

Wallet-Inspector helps financial investigators from all over the world. It’s a tool used by and created from financial – for financial investigators.

Authorities, tax consultants, lawyers and more. Analysis, classification and evaluation of cryptocurrency wallets and associated transactions at a glance.

Sascha Lüdtke - Decrypta Technologies 256x256
Sascha Lüdtke
Dipl.-Ing., Management

“The backbone of our success is the expertise of our team members, who have years of experience in IT, IT forensics and law enforcement.”

Robert Skibbe Full Stack Developer
Robert Skibbe,
Full Stack Developer

“For many years, passionate software development has been an essential part of my life. I am delighted to be able to make my expertise available to Decrypta Technologies GmbH from now on. Together for the right thing!”

Why Wallet-Inspector?


Wallet-Inspector is the result of our vision – an innovative software solution for authorities and financial investigators in the crypto space.


Our team of dedicated IT enthusiasts focuses on the intuitive operation of our software & data protection.


We are driven by the continuous adaptation of our software to the daily challenges of practical use.

Start analyzing Crypto Wallets – today!

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