FAQ – frequently asked questions

In our FAQ you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our Wallet-Inspector. If anything remains unclear or unanswered, please feel free to contact us using our contact form.


  • Can I use Wallet-Inspector free of charge?

    Yes, you can use Wallet-Inspector free of charge for an unlimited period. For our features “Retrieval of more than 10 transactions per wallet” and “CSV export” you must purchase a Pro license.

  • How many wallets can I evaluate?

    There are currently no limits to the number of wallets that can be evaluated.

  • Are updates included in the Lite and Pro versions?

    Alle Updates sind kostenlos inbegriffen. Neue Updates werden automatisch integriert.

  • Are there limits when reading out wallets?

    Up to 1000 transactions can be read out per wallet. There are no import restrictions for the Tax-Inspector, which was developed for the calculation of taxable profits. The only limitation is the hardware used, as the import and the complex calculations depend on the size of the computer’s RAM.

  • Are actions such as wallet queries "logged" in any way?

    Unlike most competing products, we do not log any of our customers’ activities. We have no access to the wallets you request. This feature sets us apart from most competing products. Wallet-Inspector was primarily developed for (law enforcement) authorities, lawyers, tax consultants and private individuals and therefore data protection and the protection of business secrets is our top priority.

  • Can I influence the further development of Wallet-Inspector?

    We are very grateful for all suggestions for improvement, as well as praise and criticism. We do not see ourselves as a supplier, but as a partner. Internally, every suggestion for improvement from the field is discussed in detail, evaluated and weighed up democratically. If the suggestions are accepted, they are then implemented in the program and automatically incorporated. You can use the contact form to informally “get rid” of all your wishes.

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